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What’s Happening with Pink Heron?

As you may have noticed if you’ve followed Pink Heron Creations in the past, the old website/store is now gone.  Also gone is the Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr.  The Instagram and Pinterest accounts still exist, but they’re inactive at the moment.  What’s happening is I’m re-organizing my business.  The main reason is because I’m now working full time and have less time to dedicate to running this as a side business.

Here’s what’s going to be happening in the future, with no expected completion date because I know I won’t make any deadlines I end up setting for myself…

I’m switching the store from a self-built e-commerce store to a store.  I’m doing this because it’ll be less work for me, more secure transactions for you, and hopefully more sales due to the built-in traffic via their marketplace.  I have no idea when the new store will be up.

I’ve created an actual blog instead of using Tumblr for my blog.  I will no longer be using Tumblr for marketing my business. This is partially because of their affiliate linking rules (which are ambiguous and  arbitrarily enforced), and partially because I just don’t have time to manage that many social media presences.

I’m re-thinking my social media strategy. I’ll be re-launching the Facebook page once I get everything else in order.  I don’t think the Twitter will be coming back. As for the Instagram and Pinterest accounts… I’m still undecided on those. They’re currently inactive and I dislike the new algorithms and ads that have been overtaking those platforms. I don’t really have the time or patience to work on social media accounts on platforms that I don’t enjoy using.

I’m re-vamping my product line.  I’ll be focusing less on art prints and more on jewelry and crocheted items. I’ve never sold my crocheted items before, so this is a new venture for me.  I’ve also disassembled the existing pendants that I made with the metal trays and diamond glaze covering the artwork.  I’m starting over with metal trays and glass cabochons. This will make for a far better looking and higher quality product that will last longer. I’ll post more details about this in a later blog post.  There will still be a few of the original glass tile pendants available once the new store opens.

And that’s about it. If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking such an interest in my little craft business!  My posts on here will probably be infrequent at best, but I’ll be linking it with my Facebook page when It re-launches, so you can just follow that page for updates.